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    Gupt Godavari is a cavern located at a distance of 18 km south of Ram Ghat. Gupt Godavari Caves seem to be the best attraction of Chitrakoot. As per the legend, the Godavari River emerging as a perennial stream from the rocks deep inside this cave, flows down to another cave below and then disappears in the mountain. A massive rock is seen protruding out of the ceiling which is believed to be the remains of the Demon Mayank (Mayanka).This demon had the audacity of stealing Sita Maa’s clothes when she was bathing and hence was killed by Lakshman. It is believed that during their exile, Lord Ram along with his brother Lakshman held a court in this cave.

    Tourists can find a beautifully carved sculpture of Trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva at the entrance of the cave.

    Gupt Godavari Caves seem to be the best attraction of Chitrakoot This place has got a divine touch. A visit to Gupt-Godavari is worth in Chitrakoot. There are two caves ,one is Big and the other one is Small but long. The Big cave is very silent and has a pond at the end of the cave. The other one is long and there is water in that cave. The caves are so peculiar and seems to be crafted in thousands of years by nature itself. The cave is maintained nicely. It is very adventurous the cool environment of the cave can surprise you and water touching your feet while you walking in cave is an experience makes Gupt Godawari worth visiting.