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    It is believed to be the bathing place of Sita Mata the consort of Lord Sri Rama during the period of their exile. There are foot prints of Sita Mata on the rocks in the nearby boulder house.Seetha Matha was known by several names including as Janaki because she was the daughter of Raja Janaka of Mithila.

    At Janki Kund we can see Ram Janaki Raghuvir mandir and Sankat mochan mandir. The water in Janaki Kund is crystal clear wherein you can see the small stones turning and rotating moving under waters of Mandakini. The water is apparently transparent as the nature is immaculate and most excellent here. It is lovely to enjoy and remember forever.

    There is tremendous calmness and tranquility to the pilgrims to enjoy the gift of nature. All most all Pilgrims, especially ladies, strongly believe that this holy water has been sanctified by Sita Mata and a dip in this spot would wash of all their sins and purify their souls. The whole environs are decorated with glossy greenery and the whole thing in the region will be singing the glory of this pleasant place particularly of Janaki Kund. This is an ideal sacred place for relaxing and to spend some useful time along with our kith and kins