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    The celebration of Guru Poornima is marked by spiritual activities and may include a ritualistic event in honor of the Guru, that is, the teachers which is called Guru Pooja. The word Guru is derived from two words, gu and ru. The Sanskrit root gu means darkness or ignorance, and ru denotes the remover of that darkness. Therefore, a Guru is one who removes the darkness of our ignorance. Gurus are believed by many to be the most necessary part of life. On this day, disciples offer pooja (worship) or pay respect to their Guru (spiritual guide).In addition to having religious importance, this festival has great importance for Indian academics and scholars. Indian academics celebrate this day by thanking their teachers as well as remembering past teachers and scholars. some Sant Kabir das dohe on respect of the Guru.
    The festival is celebrated by Buddhists in honor of the Buddha who gave his first sermon on this day at Sarnath. In the yogic tradition, the day is celebrated as the occasion when Shiva became the first Guru, as he began the transmission of yoga to the Saptarishis. In honor of the great sage Vyasa, who is seen as one of the greatest Gurus in ancient Hindu traditions and a symbol of the Guru-shishya tradition.

    गुरु गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े , काके लागू पाय|बलिहारी गुरु आपने , गोविन्द दियो बताय||

    कबीरा ते नर अँध है, गुरु को कहते और|हरि रूठे गुरु ठौर है, गुरु रूठे नहीं ठौर||

    सब धरती कागज करूँ, लेखनी सब बनराय|सात समुंदर की मसि करूँ, गुरु गुण लिखा न जाय||

    यह तन विष की बेलरी, गुरु अमृत की खान।शीश दियो जो गुरु मिले, तो भी सस्ता जान।

    गुरु को सिर राखिये, चलिये आज्ञा माहिं|कहैं कबीर ता दास को, तीन लोकों भय नाहिं||

    कुमति कीच चेला भरा, गुरु ज्ञान जल होय|जनम – जनम का मोरचा, पल में डारे धोय||

    Guru Purnima 2021 Date and Time ..

    Guru Purnima Year 2021
    Guru Purnima Begins – 10:43 AM on Jul 23, 2021
    Guru Purnima End – Saturday, 08:06 AM on July 24, 2021