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    Hanuman dhara is a serene and beautiful place. A Hanuman temple situated amidst nature with a water fall called Hanuman dhara. Temple has 700 stairs through hills. Good place for bhakts. is a good sporting option to climb the mountain in search for the spiritual thirst and understanding laws of nautre from the scenic beauty as personified in the Hindu mythology. Hanuman Dhara also covers a beautiful fable of Lord Ram. The spring that falls on the deity gradually fills the nearby kund ais indeed a delightful site to be remembered for a long.
    The place is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, it said that Ram greats hanuman here after he return from Sri Lanka.
    It is also believed that even after reducing Ravan’s Lanka to ashes, the fire inside an angry Hanuman remained intact. After the war ended, Hanuman requested Ram to help douse the fire inside his body. It is then that Ram shot an arrow and a fountain sprung from the mountain. Since then this place has come to be known as Hanuman Dhara.